Life Lessons That Molded Who I Am: Relay for Life

When I was 5 I got to experience what few children at that age can even begin to comprehend. I’m not sure how or why but despite death being beyond my scope of comprehension I was aware that it was near and I didn’t fear it. At that young age I understood that nothing last forever; that permanence was an illusion. Most importantly, I learned to be self-sufficient. I learned that I could shed a million tears and still move on with life because losing sense of your life because of someone’s death is insulting life for sparing yours and granting you another day.

My aunt had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the 3rd time. She was only 35 years old and after several removals of breast tissue, a ton of chemo and complete deterioration of her body she didn’t have any more fight in her. She decided she would not endure any more treatments or chemo. She resigned to leaving her body behind.
She lost hope. Decided that it was her time and quietly slipped away all along planning her own funeral down to the song that would play as her body would descend 6 feet under.

If you speak Spanish listen to it. It is a powerful song. One that stills brings tears to my eyes not because of sadness but because of the lessons 1 individual was able to teach in the last months of her life; Lessons that would shape who I am today.

This is why I Relay. 35 birthdays were not enough and keeping hope alive is half the battle. Many have criticized the American Cancer Society about the way it handles funds but here’s some truth:

I personally know 7 individuals who have been able to get treatment because of ACS. Every year hundreds of people are given hope and courage to fight cancer because of the programs that ACS funds. I fervently raise funds for them because I don’t want to ever see someone else lose hope.

I hope my story will encourage you to donate. It doesn’t have to be a large donation. In fact, research supports that small donations by a lot of people usually amount to more than large donations by a few. Every penny counts.

To Donate:

If you can’t donate, that’s ok. Just mark your Calendars for March 1st for FIU’s Relay for Life held in front of the Ryder Business Building!


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