20 Reasons Why Basketball is the Best Sport of All Time

nbaDisclaimer: I’m a basketball snob & this post is the definition of biased. You will find holes in my argument (especially if you are a fan of another sport). Nonetheless, I consider myself lucky. I’m in love with a sport that always gives me something to watch no matter the time of year; a sport that makes me want to be in better shape; and ,occasionally, a sport that gives me extreme penis envy because even if I were taller than 5’2” I would probably never be able to dunk. And while I find other sports enjoyable to watch (LIVE), basketball is where my heart is even if I can’t make a layup to save my life. So here are 20 reasons why Basketball is the best sport of all time:


  1. It gave us Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James (I could honestly stop here…)
  2. Basketball players, for the most part, don’t wear helmets or facemasks. They take hits like men and before you say Basketball is not a contact sport, let’s ball and see how fast you bleed if you fall whether it is a wood or concrete floor. Likewise take a hit from a 6’8” man and then argue if the air isn’t blown out of your chest.
  3. Basketball is the only sport that is fun to play by yourself… I mean if you have Multiple Personality Disorder and are extremely fast, I guess soccer and hockey would be too but mostly for the purpose of creating hilarious GIFs of you scoring on yourself. Most people can pick up a ball and throw into their milk crate makeshift hoop 1000 times and not get bored
  4. Basketball fans are the rowdiest. With the exception of the Super Bowl where everyone just goes bananas, the energy at a basketball game is unmatched in any other sporting event. I’ve been to Baseball Games (obviously not just for the Marlins), I’ve been to football games (again not just for the Dolphins), I’ve been to soccer and tennis matches… Nothing compares to going bat-shit insane at a basketball game for EVERY good block or shot taken by your team.
  5. Basketball players, for the most part, seem like genetically engineered specimens. Superior in height, amazing endurance, excellent command of their body movements. In a death match, my money will always be on the basketball player. Where else can you see human beings literally fly???
  6. DUNKING!!! Nuff Said! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7d0RmlLK_k
  7. Blocking à http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVE_RkZRv8E
  8. Alley Oops à http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbFASd-VFIQ
  9. Basketball has the best post-season tournaments… Most people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, MLB’s World series doesn’t involve the “World”, Soccer or “Futbol” has entirely way too many tournaments which makes it hard to follow rank amongst the existing teams, and Hockey aww hell I won’t even pretend to know anything about Hockey… I guess it is fun to watch ordinary men slam each other against glass. The NBA Playoffs, however, will have you yelling obscenities at your TV even if your team is eliminated. The caliber of basketball played during the playoffs is enough to give any guy a chubby.
  10. It is the third highest grossing sport in the world, but if you eliminate the super bowl, and baseball salaries that are mostly inflated by national tradition (Murica’s Pastime), I presume this figure would change.
  11. Every single play is exciting and a team trailing by 20 points with 3 minutes left to play can still win. In soccer you can go a whole game without scoring creating the biggest blue balls you can ever experience; football has more waiting time than the unemployment line and is rivaled by how insignificant most plays in a game of baseball are. The intensity in Basketball is again unmatched in any other sport.
  12. No other sport requires a more demanding combination of skill and athleticism than basketball does. You can be 7 feet tall and ripped like a Spartan and still not make it if you can’t sink free throws or decipher when it’s time to pass the ball.
  13. Christmas Day!!!! I’d rather sit through a Fran Drescher recital than watch 5 baseball games in one day. Basketball, in contrast, beats any Christmas gift I could ever receive!
  14. Buzzer Beaters -à http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEox66bj0-c
  15. March Madness
  16. Celtics, Lakers, Heat Rivalry Shit Talking
  17. Even street ball can be exciting and entertaining.
  18. The game appeals to all ages and can be easily understood
  19. Olympic Basketball…
  20. Most people like it, which means you never have to forego a good game for a date! Try telling your main squeeze that your date will be at the Sports Grill because the Dolphins are playing….

9 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why Basketball is the Best Sport of All Time

  1. another good reason you should’ve added was that in basket ball is only 1%of the population in America makes the NBA while in football its around 3.21%and soccer is 4.17% make it meaning you have to be the best of the best

  2. is beacause basketball has the best basketball players in the world like stephen curry,kyle korver,kawhi leonard,anthony davis ,and demarcus cousins and more

  3. I agree that basketball is the best sport because it requires you to be smart, have lots of skill, and have lots of strength. I feel like it’s the hardest sport as well because you don’t stop unless you call a time-out. You can always play basketball by yourself to get better, when football you need 2 people to play catch with. Also professional basketball players make a lot of money.

    Basketball players I think have the best work ethic as well because if they’re not in a game they’re probably working on their game. Basketball is also the most entertaining sport I think because there dunks and ankle breakers.

  4. Basketball players don’t wear helmets or facemasks.. Yet when they get elbowed or slapped the wrong way it’s an automatic chance to throw freely twice without anyone in their way.
    Also, these players are 6’4- .. Congrats you can cherry pick and dunk on a net that is only a few inches away from your face. (That is obviously exaggerated but it seems like that)
    You can throw a ball at a basket all day and still miss in the games because you’re chucking a ball at a net while three people are waving their arms in front of your face.
    There are a lot more counters to why basketball isn’t as good as it seems, but my final one would probably be that BASKETBALL PLAYERS ARE THUGS! .. But if you like the game that’s all on you man. Good job but don’t say it’s the best sport ever 😂


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