On the perceived moral decline of women and sexism…

Recently I’ve read blog after blog of trash, trash and more trash on how the hookup culture has ruined relationships,  on why xyz cultures are sexist, and how finding decent people to date has become as impossible as finding a unicorn; and well I call bullshit although I’m not sure I even have the words to formulate this argument coherently.

Now you might be wondering why I paired these three topics together. The reason is that the aforementioned blogs, seemed centered around the same assumption; the assumption that women have evolved to accept loose morals as a means of empowerment and a way to keep up with the demands of men. Can you believe that?

Because every time I wear tiny shorts to Ultra Music Festival I’m totally saying:

“Hey look at the crease that my butt forms, I’m a woman, Hear me roar!”

And I am single because:

“Hey sure I’ll sleep with you and that makes me a totally bad person with no morals”

The funny thing is that these blogs claim some form of sexism to be at fault for the demise of women’s morals and yet they fail to see how much sexism they employed in their argument. By crediting the behavior of men for this perceived decline of morals they suggest that

  1. These morals were subscribed to by women willingly
  2. These morals were created by women
  3. These morals are the same for all women
  4. That women make all their decisions with the goal of finding a mate in mind

More importantly, they fail to acknowledge that these social phenomena probably play a larger role in changing morals:

  1. The morals they subscribed to most often came from the religious affiliation they were  born into
  2. These very morals were exploited by patriarchal societies to suppress women for as long as literature has existed (You know how domestic violence used to be legal)
  3. There has been a religious paradigm shift in which more and more women identify as agnostic or atheist
  4. And even more prevalent, that there is a huge paradigm shift in women’s desire for domesticity in which more and more women favor a career over marriage.

Now I am no social scientist but google and curiosity are my best friends. After reading several studies and statistics, I am willing to say this perceived “decline” in morals is no decline at all and simply a result of modernization.

Let me give you an example. In one article from the Miami New Times, the writer enumerates 8 reasons why EDM is sexist and proposes that one of those reasons is that women are wearing less and less to music festivals because we are “expected” to do so. So let me juxtapose something for you:

fashion evolution

See what I did there? It’s called fashion and it evolves with time; and if it didn’t, a lot of people would be out of a job. Somewhere along the way some raver chick had the bright idea that wearing a tutu to a rave felt nice and gave them all the freedom to dance and breathe in packed venues. Voila, your modern day raver! So excuse me Kat Bein but go read some history. I’m pretty sure that most girls don’t wake up the day of EDC and think:

“Hmmm, will bro dudes like me if I’m not wearing pasties?”

And by the way, you can’t call yourself a feminist and say that women who are harassed get what they asked for by dressing provocative. That’s why the SlutWalk Movement started. But what the hell let me apologize in advance to all the men who felt like rapist because of what I wore today.

And here is just another example of the idiocy I’ve found in recent blogs. One writer on Elite daily has this to say:

“Because of the double standard that is in place between men and women, finding a girl of this nature wasn’t that hard decades ago because women actually held high standards for themselves and demanded men to treat them properly before they gave them what they wanted”

Really dude??? Let me shine some light on your little bubble of stupidity

“The 2010 rate(teenage birth rate) was 44 percent below the recent peak in 1991, and 64 percent lower than the all-time high level of 96.3 recorded during the baby boom year of 1957” – Center for disease control and prevention

Girls were giving it up real easy back then too. The only difference is that it was behind closed doors and no one found out till 15 year old molly all of a sudden had a belly because it was taboo to provide women with contraceptives. Remember Romeo & Juliet? How long after they met did they hook up?

So anonymous writer who is no longer a contributing writer for Elite Daily, I have two pieces of advice for you…

  1. Don’t write… EVER AGAIN
  2. Stop looking for “Unicorns” at raves. In fact you are not worthy of a Unicorn.

To sum it all up, I am sick of hearing excuses for how the modern day woman acts, or dresses, or lives. Moreso, I am sick of people proposing that this paradigm shift it a negative social conditon. They are choices that women make and are able to make now more than ever without fear of shaming or prosecution if you live in a country like the U.S. There is no reason why a girl getting naked for Kirill Was Here, has any effect on the quality of your life as a “professional, career-seeking, and empowered female.” And it certainly doesn’t diminish the pool of Unicorns if you’re looking in the right places. Grow-up, evolve and show your tits!

Click here for Miami New Times Article

Click here for Elite Daily Article


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