The Elusory Hashtag

Disclaimer: I do WUT I WANT and I’m about to rant



They say you can tell the size of man by the size of the things that bother him… Well, your dumb hashtags bother me so I must be rather small. Sue me!

But since I am a nice person, I will explain the oh so elusive hashtag that no one seems to understand.

A hashtag takes the form: #InsertYourDumbHashtagHere

It is a powerful social media tool (when used correctly) to organize and highlight topics of interest and current events. It’s also a wonderful marketing tool that has allowed companies to connect with their customers more directly through social media.

Let’s elaborate:

If you’re a DIY enthusiast like I am, searching the hashtag #DIY on Twitter or Facebook will yield tons of websites, posts, and users who are making stuff out of other stuff rather than buying it at the store.

If you want to find information on the current political conflict in Ukraine, searching #Ukraine will return tons of sources.

If a festival, say Bonnaroo, would like to compile attendee reactions, creating a hashtag and instructing fans to use it for all their social media posts, will enable them to do so rather easily.

If a candidate for office would like to document his journey and the discourse that it produces, he would also be wise to create a hashtag to build momentum among his constituents.

So with that said, WTF are you doing hashtagging #Icutmyself #i #love #him #Instahit #poop #myfamilyisawesome #IneedToShower ??????????

Just how many results do you think you will get when you search those hashtags??? Furthermore why would you search those hashtags anyway????

Oh right, you probably don’t ever search hashtags because you think they’re just cute things to put as a caption for your ugly new shoes with #nofilter.


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