Donald Trump: Not The Candidate We Deserve But The Candidate The GOP Needs.

I’m sitting here blood boiling and booty bothered by the very real candidacy of Donald Trump for President. Sometimes I pretend that it is an elaborate hoax. Come nomination day, he will come out riding a Donkey while Ashton Kutcher rides behind him, clutching his waist and screaming “You Got Punked!”

Troll_trump (1)

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, his candidacy is very real and while his popularity makes me lose hope in Americans, I am grateful for Donald Trump. Grateful because the longer the farce continues, the more ammo we have to expose how ridiculous the GOP has become and maybe even push the party to rebuild (more on why that’s important later).

What was once a dominant and civil liberties driven party, has become a race of clowns where the most half-baked, elitist, and misanthropic policies are born. Think Lincoln and the Civil War vs Donald Trump and his “Wall” proposal. Compare the Republican-led 19th Amendment to the Pro-Life stance that most GOP candidates push even in situations of rape or maternal mortality risks.

I am often bewildered by this phenomenon. How did the Democrats and Republicans swap narratives? How has the party of the people become the oppressor of the people while Democrats ride on old Republican accomplishments? I am inclined to blame evangelical religious alignment and corporate greed, but that’s another topic entirely.

Fact is, this farcical rhetoric doesn’t stop at civil liberties. Republican Ted Cruz thinks we need more proof of climate change despite the scientific community’s consensus on global warming. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon with no political experience believes a flat tax scheme is fair and good for the economy; an idea he says he derived from the Biblical concept of Tithe. Jeb Bush, the most sensible of the current GOP candidates, can’t decide if he would have or would not have invaded Iraq.  How can we trust any of these candidates with our economy or foreign policy? How can we trust them to elevate the quality of living for ALL Americans? How can we place a value on education when our leaders are so far behind?

So, if statements like “Binders full of women” and Rand Paul’s assertion that “Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so”,  are not enough to show how far off the deep end the GOP has gone, then Trump is the Republican the GOP needs.

Which brings me back to the importance of rebuilding the GOP. In a country with almost 320 million people, we have just 2 viable candidates for the presidency; Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and both are democrats. If you haven’t realized it by now, this means that there is only an illusion of choice. If you have half a brain and care about this country you will dismiss the fuckery that is all Republican candidates and vote for whichever democratic candidate gets the nomination. That is a party dominance we should not be comfortable with. I could write on the dangers of a single dominant party forever, but the gist of it is corruption going unchecked. While I identify the most with a democratic platform, I’m of the thought that the party is simply the lesser of two evils and equally likely to be self-serving when no one is looking.

I guess this is where I’m an optimist but I sincerely hope that Trump will become a defining moment in the GOP’s history; an opportunity to turn the tide and rebuild legitimacy in the conservative agenda by doing away with highly delusional and extremist leaders. Should he land the Republican nomination or worse, become President, we can all say goodbye to the American Pipe Dream and any respect from the rest of the world. Luckily that won’t happen despite what Fox News says. Here’s to hoping there are still decent Republicans who can lift the party from the ashes and give us a true Presidential race in 2020.


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