Who is Vee Towers

Ridiculous Beginning

Hello there I’m Vee! Part intellectual, part goof, 100% adventure seeker living in sunny Miami, Florida. I’m a recent graduate and studied economics at Florida International Univeristy. I’ve recently developed a yearning desire to share the sometimes ridiculous yet self proclaimed genius produced by the chemical reactions of my brain. I am not a professional writer and I do wut I WaNt. I write about a large array of topics some of which will make you wonder what exactly is the purpose of my blog while others will reveal just how many screws I’ve lost along my short yet eventful life. The truth is I’m not even sure where I will take this blog. One thing is for certain: I will not ever mean to offend although often I will. I only aim to inspire the not yet inquisitive mind and to share life practices/experiences that can makes us all better. Oh yeah, and my tattoos are better than yours so you should treat me to a Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade with 2 pumps of Vanilla :p


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